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50 Coumadin (Brand name / ) 2mg $45.99 Buy Now
100 Coumadin (Brand name / ) 2mg $56.99 Buy Now
150 Coumadin (Brand name / ) 2mg $65.99 Buy Now
100 Coumadin (Brand name / ) 2mg $51.99 Buy Now
200 Coumadin (Brand name / ) 2mg $67.99 Buy Now
300 Coumadin (Brand name / ) 2mg $89.99 Buy Now
100 Coumadin (Brand name / ) 4mg $48.99 Buy Now
200 Coumadin (Brand name / ) 4mg $61.99 Buy Now
300 Coumadin (Brand name / ) 4mg $85.99 Buy Now
30 Coumadin 2mg $43.99 Buy Now
60 Coumadin 2mg $61.99 Buy Now
90 Coumadin 2mg $79.99 Buy Now
180 Coumadin 2mg $118.99 Buy Now
30 Coumadin 5mg $39.99 Buy Now
60 Coumadin 5mg $55.99 Buy Now
90 Coumadin 5mg $69.99 Buy Now
180 Coumadin 5mg $99.99 Buy Now
30 Coumadin 1mg $42.99 Buy Now
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Generic Coumadin - Warfarin Sodium

Q. What go on behind I set an request Warfarin Sodium?
A. Just the once your Warfarin Sodium order has been approved, it will be redirected to our pharmacy delivery team for fulfillment, packaging and shipment the same day. We give notice you through email after your Coumadin order has been processed.

Q. How do I withdraw my Coumadin request?
A. If you want to annul your Coumadin order, you be required to let us know before 11am EST the next . We will not be able to stop any orders later this point.

Q: You Coumadin brand or generic?
A: In our online pharmacy you can buy Warfarin Sodium  only - generic Coumadin.

Q: What does Warfarin Sodium stand for?

A: Coumadin means using a different name for the Warfarin Sodium. The content of the drug (Warfarin Sodium) are absolutely the same in our generic Coumadin and the brand name Coumadin.

Q: Why is your Warfarin Sodium so cheap?
A: It's really, you can buy Warfarin Sodium and saving. There are a number of reasons for that. Manufacturer do not spend something on Coumadin advertising, there are no taxes to be paid as the product come into the country unregistered, the generic Warfarin Sodium manufacturer is located in an offshore zone and the Warfarin Sodium costs are way lower.

Q: Why does the Warfarin Sodium printed on the pill differ from the brand name Coumadin one?
A: The Warfarin Sodium you see printed on the blister in the active ingredient Warfarin Sodium used here. The contents of the generic drugs are absolutely the same as those of the branded version Warfarin Sodium. The difference is in the name only. The manufacturers of Warfarin Sodium cannot use the brand Coumadin on their pharmaceuticals as that would be the breach of copyright while using the well known name Warfarin Sodium is absolutely legal.

Q: Are the Warfarin Sodium you sell FDA-approved?
A: The Warfarin Sodium delivery to you from overseas pharmacies. All of them are approved by overseas Health Administration and EEC.

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